I Feel a Role

I feel a role coming on-
I know them from old.
Learn the jargon; follow the script-
Wear the costumes!
All the world’s a stage:
Strutting and fretting-
Is this spiral who I am?

I feel a role coming on-
Connections with others:
sister, daughter, cousin, friend-
Relating, sharing- I am learning
stories of living- expectations, control.
then and now- near and far-labels
Who do you want me to be?

I feel a role coming on-
Being responsible for my life:
What matters to me? My song
and dance- what will I do with words?
Explore inner and outer realities-
align, design- community, solitude
Becoming who I am!

I feel a role coming on-
Borderlands living:
Past, present and future speak to
my essential self who creates with embodied gifts.
Conversations to share wisdom; storyteller: writing of life
Performance: singing and dancing to my songs, others’.
Heart and soul: what wants to happen?

Vocabulary on my pilgrim’s path:
acknowledge, awareness, gratitude, forgiveness, memory, transitions, imagination, emotions, powerful, potential, courage, vulnerability, rhythm, routine, rut, challenge, opportunity, envision, belief, learning to pay attention, integration, trust



Across my landscape, inside and out, spring  unfolds. Memories’ blossoms transport me to childhood and the experiences of living on my grandfather’s farm. These days, blooms in yards and parks remind me of the timeless beauty of Nature and her invitations to surround myself with floral colour and shape, perfume and possibility.

fragance overides my need for control.
blossoms invite more, much more…
When I was a child,
Simple living was the norm.
Woven through stories,
I recall lilac blossoms’ deep purple
wafting their scent-
Colouring my world.
I was at home within its branches.
The poet says:
“When I get old I shall wear purple.”
For me, adorning is not enough.
Each spring, I must surround myself;
Experience once again
The fragrance, the sight, the memory:
The lilac years.

My stories…myself

MLMS smallThe stories of my life….help me make meaning of the events and experiences that surround me. As my inner journey continues and the outer context evolves, I am aware that my identity is evolving as well. i am becoming more authentic in my responses, connecting differently with others and listening more to my heart and its desires. My soul reminds me of my uniqueness and I am learning to value myself and love what is. In this context my stories will:

. illustrate the spiral nature of life

. allow for no gatekeeping by the past but blend past and present experiences

. continue to feed my heart and soul

. be of captured experience from a larger source

. show compassion and self care as challenges arise

. claim my identity and the wisdom I have gained over time

. be of realities and dreams

. illustrate some ‘not-knowing’ and openness to learn

I will be looking at the landscape with different eyes…and appreciating the difference between looking and seeing. Where will I place myself in the stories I tell? If thoughts are things, how do my thoughts impact the stories I tell?

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you. Aldous Huxley

People take on the shapes of the songs and the stories that surround them, especially if they don’t have their own song. Neil Gaiman