The Green Scene

In the depths of summer
Intense green…
Stalwart leafy shapes-
Saplings, mature specimens or endangered ancients
speak to me of living:
grow where you are planted-
Of silent strength, belonging to self.

Serene green:
holding the space between earth and sky-
what transmissions occur?
recording life within the trunk- offering
branch space for others to inhabit.
Allowing all…born to live among us.

Playful green:
light and shadow colour leaves-
create art on any flat surface.
trails, collaborations, being with…

Musical green:
with partner wind whispering messages-
cycles of life conversations-
of the adventures each contains. Listening to
the murmured invitations to explore.
Or- windy collaboration to effect landscape change-
life can change in an instant: forever
can have a time scale.

I have seen the scene- and wandered
through the landscape-
realized the kinship of flora and fauna-
the ongoing gift exchange,
the weaving of relationship-
That some of us will be admired, named, chosen
Others will be removed to serve other humans
Roleplay exists even here-
demonstrating connection, interaction, intersection.



Their games color our world:
hide and seek.One controls?
They are interdependent

shines brightly-
warms the earth, the air,
our bodies.
Angles its way into our lives
S/he is an artist at play.

On an expanse of watery blue-
diamond sunspots dot the surface and
reflect,refract the light.
Beauty. Light dapples the pavement, all
surfaces with shapes- shadow joins hands
with sun. The natural world on display…
Art for all to appreciate.

Shadow shapes abound.
Shapeshifting with time of day
and conversation with clouds.
Light and shadow on the surface of a leaf.
Shade offers relief from sun’s intensity.
Shadows seize the opportunity
to quietly shape and reshape the landscape.

Light and shadow inhabit my life.
Gifts.Yin and yang…
Wonder and realized patterns-
Joy and sorrow; acquiring and letting go:
Emotions energize my experiences
Of circumstances. Point of view? Light and shadow!
Action and reaction on the same field.
I: benignly cast a shadow,have a vocal interior shadow self-
While the light of love and hope beckons
and fills me, my shadow self reminds:
anxiety has a role to play in the shapes of my life.
I listen…stories are imagined and created.
The art of the word…the play of light and shadow.

I acknowledge both selves;compassion allows me
to invite conversation and creation
into my life.With my light and shadow’s potential:
the art of living my life is savoring interaction…
My human nature has courageous space for us all.

Bread Thoughts

A bakery of books on shelves…
Each loaf offering ingredients
for a healthy life.
Self-help:recipes to heal,to support,
to discover ways of living life.
There are endless versions.
Each author/baker has reasons for choosing
this shape or that, these restrictions or desires-
Basic or decorative…
for every reason,there is a season-ing. Invitations.

My life has been lived
like slices of bread enclosed in a
somewhat decorative bag which opens easily to reveal-
– some pieces are artisanal: seeds and herbs throughout.
The texture and taste of experience and creation opens me to
enjoy, savor, remember:
sometimes a higher price is paid but so worth it.
– some slices are Wonderbread: there is a sameness.
Plain- with or without peanut butter; I do not pay
attention. What nutritional value? Routines and ruts:
the dailiness that sometimes feeds.
– pita, flatbread offer space for additions.
Fillings vary; bread consistency offers chewy deliberation
For me,for other- guises,emotions.

I have been/am a baker.
Selecting the flour- foundation of who I am.
Whole wheat,gluten free,all purpose:
I have been all purpose in my life!
Baking my further life- different flours,reasons.
Plunging my hands in the bag,measuring amounts for success.
The leavening of laughter and possibility,
The flavoring of experience and circumstance-
Kneading the dough; developing my gifts
Let it rise…punch down
Shape…let it rise
Why is life like that?
Bake-heat of emotion, desire, connection.
Size, shape, adorned or plain…my choice?
Spread with costume and performance
Enhanced with words and ideas
Consumed with relationship, awareness,courage.

My ingredients,heat of my oven- I feed my engaged self.
Less focus on machine cut rules,
Paying attention: to wholeness, to new beginnings-
the pleasures of indulging,tearing pieces,creating.
I can feed others with my creations…always there,
always possible, always available.
On a shelf,a rack or my kitchen.

Who said anything about carbohydrates?

Harmony Arts/Eldercollege and me!

Harmony Arts/Eldercollege and me!

Pacific Arbour kindly gave Eldercollege tent space during the recent Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver to promote our programs. It was such a great opportunity to meet prospective students,hang out with Katy from Pacific Arbour(new classroom space at the Westerleigh) and to renew friendships. As you can tell, I was happy to sit in the sun, listen to music and chat with old and new friends who want to live well in the second half of life! Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to seeing you again.