We are all a sun-lit moment come from a long darkness,
what moves us comes from what is hidden,
what seems to be said so suddenly has lived in the body for a long time.
David Whyte

Stardust in human form:
my bag of skin contains
all that is needed in this lifetime.
born to parents
siblings arrived
Becoming a family.

I set out on my journey:
a pilgrim on a path of
learning to live.
doing, being, loving, learning
Some traits are more valued than others.
The lilac years: play, solitude, away, over…
Creating safety: passive, follower, agendas-
I paved the road of expectation
As far as I was able…willing.
Why do I not belong?
On adventure’s road a different self peeked out.
Occasional tourism/work opportunities opened horizons;
Frivolity offered connections, warmth, pleasures.
Role play to match the splinters seemed wise.

Retirement: my composed framework crumbles
Over, away…
Outer reality demands
give way to an inner journey-
Pilgrim lost- no script.
Moving backwards and forwards in time:
reflection, memory, release…
the rocky road of discovery? gifts and challenges.
What does my being want me to know?
Out of the uncertainty my essential Self reveals dormant desire.
I hold the flashlight of understanding.
Opening to what matters- letting go of costumes…
What will I create in the new space?
My heart and soul whisper:
learn to love yourself- as you are.
Sounds of music awaken me to
voicing my songs and renditions of others.
Feel and move to the rhythms. Notice me.
Emotions rise- their expression: a surprise.
Words are my tools…seeing myself reflected
on others’ pages, my own scratchings.
My gifts to share
connect me with others.
Silence/meditation with the Divine.

My presence in the present allows me to
hear my voice in the world,
befriending myself with new conversations
of living.
Acceptance of all life’s light and shadow,
past and current…and future- as yet unknown.
With forgiveness and gratitude
I journey on
I am enough.


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