This dance of life-
Two steps forward and one step back:
Partners in a circle or square
Following a pattern only they share.
Leading and following…
moving together and apart-
Events and people create the steps.
The melodies of life- their key to living.

I listen to the music
And yearn to play-
My own dance to compose.
Subtly, the melody changes:
Beguiling- a new path to follow.
My own space, my own ideas.
Creating, designing, daring to go;
Feeling, increasing awareness of
My gifts and how to share them.
As I wander the world
being in step inside and out..

My music…
Melodies of relationship with self and other-
My dance of emotional expression weaves magic with experience.
Foundations and frivolity: is there a difference?
My creative potential hums eternally
surrounded by light and shadow.
I am surrendering to the major and minor in
my songs of life. I hold the baton.


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