Courage…making meaning

Why me?    Why this?    Why now?

These little birds call across my landscape – less familiar artifacts visible than ever, but I am here, contemplating: wondering what might be next.  I am exploring anew the possibilities I described in an earlier post.  As well, the constellation of quotes and excerpts about courage I published previously, creates a context for those considerations.  Like Goldilocks, I taste the porridge pots and compose a further life that is just right for me….not cast in stone.  Beckoning.

Courage: more badge than belief…not the cowardly lion, but choosing to live within a familiar framework. Always more comfortable across the world…the closer I moved towards understanding myself and my place in the world, I have tended to remain aloof-always something else to do. And, my relationships with self and others? Well, distance was my friend. Moving closer: knowing who I am in this lifetime- gifts and challenges. The given? My strength and possibility to integrate what I am learning as I create, allow and learn to feel the emotions of circumstances. I am realizing that courage is an inside job: negotiating my reality means having the courage to look at my life and how it brought me to this place. In letting go of what no longer serves me, I am offered a unique life of passion and purpose; in the context of forgiveness and gratitude, I listen to my heart and soul support me moving forward. Spunk was always there…waiting.

With courage, I accept the invitation:

  •  to pay attention: conscious living as I age and my life evolves. Grace.
  •  to live my own life: what touches my heart, permission and celebration
  • to accept myself: light and shadow. My different life is just fine. I am not defined by doing; being is also part of the song of my life…do- be-do- be-do…belonging
  • to trust life- that all will be well. Divine timing and finding the gifts of each experience reduces my anxiety and fear. Asking questions: staying in the fire
  • to make time for myself- in the yes and no of dailiness, solitude: with stillness as its habitat, to play: to share the gift of laughter, to see and be seen
  • to live in my body and to listen for the messages it has to tell me
  • towards wholeness: allowing myself to come alive and my gifts to express themselves, to reach out, to know love,

I will continue along my interior journey. With deepening awareness and willingness to be vulnerable, I live the rhythm of my own life, realizing that this liminal space allows me to appreciate what comes my way, to develop my spiritual practices within and beyond my local self, to recognize my kinship with all things. Daring to dream.

D. Whyte phrases: courage- to stay closely to the way we are made…to speak openly and feel deeply…who and what we love and what we can do to deepen that love.

I used to extinguish under the weight of living, but one day I reached into my chest, dusted off my courage and asked myself: where’s your fire?

D. Antoinette Foy

Weaving my STORY into the story of living and dying…source unknown



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