Bread Thoughts

A bakery of books on shelves…
Each loaf offering ingredients
for a healthy life.
Self-help:recipes to heal,to support,
to discover ways of living life.
There are endless versions.
Each author/baker has reasons for choosing
this shape or that, these restrictions or desires-
Basic or decorative…
for every reason,there is a season-ing. Invitations.

My life has been lived
like slices of bread enclosed in a
somewhat decorative bag which opens easily to reveal-
– some pieces are artisanal: seeds and herbs throughout.
The texture and taste of experience and creation opens me to
enjoy, savor, remember:
sometimes a higher price is paid but so worth it.
– some slices are Wonderbread: there is a sameness.
Plain- with or without peanut butter; I do not pay
attention. What nutritional value? Routines and ruts:
the dailiness that sometimes feeds.
– pita, flatbread offer space for additions.
Fillings vary; bread consistency offers chewy deliberation
For me,for other- guises,emotions.

I have been/am a baker.
Selecting the flour- foundation of who I am.
Whole wheat,gluten free,all purpose:
I have been all purpose in my life!
Baking my further life- different flours,reasons.
Plunging my hands in the bag,measuring amounts for success.
The leavening of laughter and possibility,
The flavoring of experience and circumstance-
Kneading the dough; developing my gifts
Let it rise…punch down
Shape…let it rise
Why is life like that?
Bake-heat of emotion, desire, connection.
Size, shape, adorned or plain…my choice?
Spread with costume and performance
Enhanced with words and ideas
Consumed with relationship, awareness,courage.

My ingredients,heat of my oven- I feed my engaged self.
Less focus on machine cut rules,
Paying attention: to wholeness, to new beginnings-
the pleasures of indulging,tearing pieces,creating.
I can feed others with my creations…always there,
always possible, always available.
On a shelf,a rack or my kitchen.

Who said anything about carbohydrates?


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